ThoughtMash is a pioneer in service oriented architecture, integration, and application development. ThoughtMash strives to provide solid solutions built using Java and .NET application development for top software vendors and corporate IT organizations.

Today, ThoughtMash is at the forefront of service oriented architecture and integration for enterprises.

We listen carefully to our clients' needs to effectively solve the problem and reduce the risks ThoughtMash 's project managers, architects and developers come from extensive backgrounds in industry and corporate work. Thus, we begin every project by seeking to understand how to best align the technology with our customers' business strategy and processes.

We listen carefully to our clients' needs to effectively solve the problem and reduce the risks.

Strategy and Business Case
ThoughtMash LLC Strategy & Business engagement experts works with your leadership team to identify strategic uses of cloud computing for your environment. Current computing costs are analyzed and compared with expected returns from a cloud environment. The result is a set of detailed recommendations for adopting cloud computing.
In the Design phase, the strategy and requirements are translated into a customized solution. New I.T. operating models are created. Vendor offerings are reviewed and a target architecture is defined. To validate the solution, contained pilots are use to prove the technology and process modifications.
Planning and Analysis
The Planning & Analysis engagement identifies the specific cloud requirements that your organization needs. Security, compliance, performance and other special concerns are analyzed in detail. These requirements drive the creation of program and project plans focusing on resource needs, costs, risks, time and deliverables.
The Execution phase, builds off of the earlier Design phase, incorporating the lessons learned into the enterprise roll-out. Additional emphasis is placed on migrating current application to the cloud and verifying their performance and stability.